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Teleshia Lewinson

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A little bit about me...

I have a degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida. I have financial services and mortgage experience. I am also a commissioned notary in the state of Florida. During my years in the corporate world, I was able to refine my project management skills. I decided to transfer those skills into the non-profit arena, where I was challenged with establishing systems and training new staff.  I used my skills in backend operations to create Virtually Made 4 You. 


I have over 10 years experience of working virtually and independently. I find myself taking ownership of projects that I’m involved in and am constantly creating systems to improve efficiency in my personal and professional life. I desire to use the gifts God has given me to serve others and play a part in the purpose He is working out in everything. 

Being an online business manager/virtual assistant is nothing new to me. My father is an minister and there have been times during late night/early mornings where he needed some assistance. My father turned to the one person who could help, me.  A lot of my skills have been honed over the years as I have expanded my professional career but being a virtual assistant is where I got my start.


Over the years, I’ve learned that we all have different gifts and those gifts are best used if we all work together. My main philosophy is “each one teach one.” When you have a skill, help someone else learn that skill so that they may thrive and help the next generation.


Whether you're thinking of hiring a VA or just want to connect. I’d love to hear from you.

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