Our Team

Teleshia Lewinson


Hello my name Teleshia Lewinson. I have been in business since  Dec 2009. In the process of starting my entrepreneurial life, I found that I could use my skills to assist others, hence the formation of Virtually Made 4 You. Virtually Made 4 You is an online business management company.  The services we provide are those that an average business would use in a day:


  • Administrative Assistant 

  • Notary

  • Remote Online Notary

  • Social media management

  • Website design/maintenance  

  • and more. 


About the Company

Being a virtual assistant is nothing new to Teleshia. Her father has been in the ministry for decades and has always needed someone to help him as he brings forth the Word. While he does have a dedicated Executive Assistant....there are times like early in the morning or on the road where needs had to be met. Bishop Lewinson turned to the one person who could get the job done quickly, his daughter. A lot of this skills have been crafted and honed over the years as Teleshia has expanded her professional career but being a virtual assistant is where she got her start. With a lot of her friends and colleagues being small business owners, Teleshia is supporting and recommending their businesses.